Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Party Party Party

I must have a really good excuse for not blogging in so long, especially right after getting my wireless router working.

First, I spent most of last week agonizing over preparations for my party on Sunday as well as whether it would be complete sogged out by Hurricane Ivan. The night following the party, I was completely exhausted. Since then, I've been washing dishes and cleaning up.

I think the party was a success. I certainly had a good time, which, of course, is the most important thing. I made chocolate chip cookies, coconut macaroons, lemon parmesan garlic dip from the Cook Something cookbook that RP gave me, modified some guacamole and thawed some samosas. I also served mixed fruit and veggies, four different cheeses, crackers and french bread. You're probably guessing that I had a lot of food left over and you would be right. The best part of the party was seeing people I hadn't seen in ages, like PA, LG, and SC. It was wild having sixteen people in the house at once. I couldn't personally introduce everyone or show off the house, because there was more to do in the kitchen. Fortunately, CL was happy to give tours. Also, the good thing was that I was never worried about anything getting damaged. Lectures about coaster use weren't even necessary, but then again, my invitation kind of implied that I was overly concerned about that kind of thing.

Part of it did have to do with Ivan. We've had so much rain this summer with rain from so many hurricanes. Then it was predicted that we would get heavy rains all weekend from Ivan. I decided to move my party from Saturday to Sunday, with the hopes that it might be somewhat better. I was worried most about people's cars getting stuck in the grass parking area. Fortunately, Ivan came back south Saturday afternoon as a mere low pressure area, drying everything out and Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day. People even got to sit out on the deck.

Now I can plan for my next party, in October. I didn't want to invite everyone at once, because I thought that would be a little overwhelming and I also wanted another one for people who couldn't make it to the first one.

After work today, I went to the Around the World Market with PS. I was running out of frozen Indian food dinners and they were having a 99 cent sale, so I got a bunch more. I also got some food from the cafe to take home for dinner. I'm also happy knowing that I have fifty more samosas in the freezer.

I was arguing with a co-worker about cicadas and I found the CicadaMania site.

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