Sunday, September 12, 2004

Outdoor Blogging

I'm blogging from my deck! That's right, I'm finally using wireless. I invited JJ and JA over to have brunch this morning and they took a look at my wireless router and DSL modem. In just a few minutes, I was up and running.

The problem was that Sprint was giving me the IP address of, which was the same IP address that the router wanted to use for the local network. Due to this overlap, the wireless router wasn't talking to the DSL modem at all. So, in the Linksys router configuration, JA set the Local IP address (router's address) to and the Subnet Mask to Finally, he set the DHCP addresses to start at Effectively, this meant that the lower half of the subnet mask could be use for the external address and the upper half could be for the local addresses. At least, I think that's the best way to explain it.

The other cool thing about their visit was that we ate outside using my deck furniture for the first time. It really is pleasant sitting out there (here). I baked some biscuits, microwaved some bacon, washed some raspberries and I watched JJ fry some eggs. I'd made scrambled eggs before, but I'd never made over easy or sunny side up. Overall, I thought it was an excellent meal and I had a great time. I''ve made biscuits twice in the last two days and I'm really happy with them, because they're just so easy.

I don't thinking anything else noteworthy has happened in the past week. All I can remember is that on Friday night, I went to Casa Ibarra and ate Vegetarian Meal #10.

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