Saturday, February 21, 2009

Six Plates Blogging : Bacon and Eggs

While I sometimes enjoy dining at Six Plates Wine Bar alone, it's always a treat to share a cheese plate. This time we had, from left to right, aged Gouda, Mahon and Rogue River Smokey Blue. The blue, of course, was my favorite, particularly with honey.

My friend chose the pan seared tuna with apple and fennel farro and passionfruit caviar. What I tasted was excellent.

I had Six Plates Bacon and Eggs. It had Cane Creek pork belly, a fried quail egg and "breakfast" potatoes. The pork tasted like something between bacon and pork roast and the potatoes were simply amazing. Owner Matthew Beeson seemed disappointed that I didn't eat more of the house made ketchup, which he thought was "like crack", but I thought it was all perfect the way it was.

For dessert, my friend had an olive plate and I'll have to consider sharing one of these sometime, because my olive epiphany has turned into more of an olive obsession. In addition to several different kinds of olives, it had pimentos and lupini beans.

Finally, I had the flight of three small scoops of sorbet, but I, once again, chose three scoops of passionfruit, because it is exquisite.

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