Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bronto Open House

This evening, I went to an open house for Bronto Software, which is located at the American Tobacco Campus, in Durham. Bronto provides software for direct email marketing. As Adam Covati (@covati) explained, above, they make sending mass e-mails easier as well as providing detailed statistics on which users are reading the e-mail and how they are interacting with it. Once this information is available, it's possible to target changes to specific sets of recipients. Depending on the audience, it's sometimes difficult to understand how or if a message is being received and Bronto's tools provided a lot of insight into this. While those of us who work in higher-education may constantly hear that college-aged kids don't read e-mail, e-mail is apparently much more effective as an advertising and sales tool than print or telemarketing.

I enjoyed looking around their new offices, running into a few fellow bloggers and meeting the Bronto staff. DJ (@djwaldow), above, is watching an entertaining video of himself giving a tour of the offices.

I am also now the proud owner of an inflatable brontosaurus, a very nice and large coffee cup and a temporary tattoo. They have sophisticated swag selection skills.

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  1. Lenore -

    Thanks for your kind words about Bronto in your post. Not *loving* that I'm holding a bottle of beer, but hey...such is life, right?

    So great to finally meet you.


    DJ Waldow
    Director of Best Practices & Deliverability
    Bronto Software, Inc
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