Saturday, February 07, 2009

Rum Raisin Banana Bread

My Most Faithful Reader read about Marcellina's banana bread on Eschaton and her recipe is based on Nigella's recipe. My MFR then decided to soak some non-sulfured white raisins in rum, to prepare one of the main ingredients. Once I found out that she'd been soaking them, I offered to make the bread. Not long after that, a bunch of bananas appeared on my kitchen counter and their brown spots began to indicate how I would be spending my Saturday afternoon.

I used the US version of Nigella's recipe, which appeared along with the raisins. Like most banana bread recipes. it was comparatively easy. Marcellina also has her own varation of the recipe, which I'll have to try at some point. Both recipes actually recommend that you boil the raisins and let them sit for an hour. The raisins I had been provided had already soaked up most of the rum, so I didn't think that step was necessary.

It turned out to be delicious. The raisins add a moist tartness and the overall texture is excellent. I sliced one of the loaves and froze all the slices individually, so I'm looking forward to having something good for breakfast for the next few weeks.

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