Monday, November 24, 2008

Tokyo Fun

A couple of friends and I recently went to Tokyo Fun, on 55, in Durham. It has modern decor, with very interesting furniture. I was pleased with the service and the sushi, too. Their creativity shines through their presentation. The little umbrella shaded an Obama roll, which was eel and avocado covered with wasabi lobster salad.

My friends ordered vegetable tempura and I had two excellent broccoli pieces. As some of you know, I'm just a big fan of tempuraed broccoli. I liked the fact that it wasn't breaded too heavily. I also ordered a sashimi appetizer, which came with nine pieces of fish, including snapper, tuna and salmon. I liked the salmon the best.

We also shared a Nemo roll, which was spicy tuna with salmon. It actually wasn't that spicy at all, which I liked quite a bit, but it might be underwhelming for those expecting it to be hot.

Tokyo Fun was also recently reviewed by Carpe Durham.


  1. "You Only Live Twice" was on TV last night. I'd love to have fun in Tokyo.

  2. OMG, those look great. Definitely going to have to check this place out. Thanks for taking the pix. Yum.