Thursday, November 06, 2008

Charleston : La Fourchette

Last week, I spent much of my time in Charleston, which was a fun and new experience. Of course, I was eager to try out some new restaurants, too. At the recommendation of E & L, who had been there a few weeks before, I went to La Fourchette, a French bistro on King Street. I was very pleased. It's a comparatively small place and it was very noisy, but I thought the food was great. My 2nd Most Faithful reader had the pork chop with apple sauce, grilled vegetables and fries. I had a bite of the pork and it was delicious. He was very happy with the meal. My MFR had a small plate with shrimp and puffed pastry and our friend, WB, had a buckwheat crepe, both of which looked good.

I had their entree portion of the mussles and fries. Both were wonderful. Their fries are double fried in duck fat, so they are naturally superb and crispy. The mussels were in a white wine sauce with butter, shallots and garlic. I could have eaten a couple of baguettes to soak up what was left if I hadn't wanted dessert.

For dessert, I had the creme caramel, with slivers of orange peel. It had a lovely and delicate orange flavor, which made it very different from any other creme caramel or flan that I've had before. I'm sure I've said this before somewhere, perhaps just out loud, but I really need to try making this at home.

The verdict? If you're in Charleston, check it out.

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  1. Hooray! Glad you liked it! This review is making me want to drive down there for another meal... mmm, moules frites.