Saturday, November 04, 2006

Time for a Change

As I've kind of hinted, it's not quite a much fun always writing about the past. I do enjoy almost reliving the experience as I am writing about it, but it's kind of nice writing about what is actually going on in my life right now. For example, it doesn't always make sense to write about the newest feature or gadget three or four months after the hype is gone. Are you really going to care about the upcoming election results if I write about them in February? With some luck, it will be a fond memory.

Now, those of you who do like reading about my past adventures, you don't have to worry. My plan is to continue with my chronological account, but I'll intermix it with current posts. This blog is supposed to be confusing, if I'm going to live up to what I've written about myself in my profile. When I'm writing about the past, I will put "Flashback:" in the title. Does this all make sense? No? Good. Again, this is just a plan. It's really an experiment. I'll probably change my mind in a week or two.

Another goal of mine is not to worry quite so much about having one or more photos in every post. It's nice, but if the time it takes keeps me from blogging when I get a chance, then it's not worth it. It doesn't really take me that much time for me to type in a bunch of nonsense, but picture selection, blogger image upload bugs, and layout adjustments take up the bulk of my time.

Tonight I had dinner with AE, JB, K and K's husband, L, at Chai's. AE, JB and K are all French horn players in the Durham Community Concert Band. We had a good time and I tried the Singapore noodles with chicken. It was pretty good. I still prefer the Japanese Udon soup with tofu. I wish it weren't so messy. We went to Shade Tree Coffee afterwards and talked for quite a while.

I just tried out the new Java based Gmail mobile client on my Treo 650. It's pretty zippy, actually. It's a little trickier to install, because you first have to download and install the IBM JVM from your PC. Then you have to do a soft reset on the Treo. Finally, you download and save the Gmail application from Google doesn't provide any install documentation on the download page, which is kind of surprising. In contrast, with the Google Maps mobile client, I just had to download the prc file and I was ready to go. I hope they are working on a mobile client for the Google Reader!

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