Monday, October 23, 2006

Acute viral nasopharyngitis?

I think I will take this opportunity to tell the world that I have felt lousy (read: pitiful) all day. I feel as if I'm coming down with some sort of common illness. I had a bad sore throat when I woke up this morning and I've had a mild one for the rest of the day. So far it hasn't prevented my going into work at all, which isn't saying much. Hopefully I will remember not to mention this again in great detail when I finally catch up to now in my chronological saga.

I added Adsense Google ads this evening. It's more out of curiosity than anything else, because I'd kind of like to know what sort of ads it will put next to my posts about food and guitar practice. It will display a public service announcement for the next day or two, until they decide that I'm worthy.

Until then, this post was sponsored in part by the generic versions of Claritin and Sudafed.

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