Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Nightmare of the Wilted Plant and Flying Salad Greens

On Monday of last week, I had a nightmare that one of my houseplants was wilting. I laughed at the thought of that as a nightmare, which woke me up, only to discover that I'd overslept by an hour.

That morning I went to an interesting workshop by Dr. James Zull, from Case Western Reserve University, on deeper learning. That night, my parents, LA and I went to Thai Cafe, in Durham. This time I had the Massaman Shrimp, which was quite wonderful.

Thursday, I had lunch with AE outside the Refectory. I discovered what happens when you eat salad greens without dressing on a very windy day. It's very important to note the wind direction unlesss one wants the leaves plastered to oneself.

Last Friday, I went to a talk on modeling transparent fish liver bile ducts using Amira at the Friday Visualization Forum.

That afternoon, LA and I microwaved a valentine peep. They deflate about as quickly as they expand. Yes, I'm afraid that a peep was harmed during the production of the content for this blog. If you are concerned, be sure to check out peepresearch.org.

That night I had dinner with AE, JH and GM at Chai's, followed by coffee at Shade Tree Coffee. The coffee artist has a new foam design, which is rather pretty.

JH decided to mask his identity with a book, borrowed from AE, titled, "Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis" while GM successfully disguised himself with a mere drinking straw.

Sunday night, NP came over for dinner. I made my shrimp and bacon over pasta dish, which I thought turned out well. He built this cool looking bridge out of geomag after dinner. I'd also made brownies for dessert. At my mom's suggestion, on four of the brownies, I put Necco thin mints just after I took them out of the oven. They melted in a nice odd sort of way and were pretty good. I like topping them with my standard drizzled semi-sweet chocolate blobs better, though.

Later that night, I watched part of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. They had this cool fan generating 125mph sustained winds with people floating over it as if they were in the free fall that sky divers do before opening their parachutes. It was a wild thing to see in a stadium, especially when they started wearing fake snowboards and other accessories.

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  1. Anonymous12:39 AM

    The best thing to do with a peep and a microwave is not just to microwave the peep directly. Take a tall glass of about the normal diameter, and fill it with water until there's about 3 inches left. Then put the peep on top. Put the whole thing on top of a plate (or something that would be easy to clean). Then turn on the microwave (you'll want to set it for at least 4 minutes). The peep will expand to cover the top of the glass. Then the water will start to boil. The force of the water under the peep will cause it to boil over and eject in a most satisfying fashion. The most amazing thing about all of this is that most times you can still find the eyes when it's all over...

    - Rachel