Saturday, May 14, 2005

Size matters

I've been having problems with Blogger's new Blogger Mobile feature. Last weekend, I tried it out and I swear one of my pictures showed up, but the next morning it was gone. I searched technorati and at least one other person had similar problems. Ever since then, it's rejected my two posts with an error that the size was exceeded. According to the FAQ, the size limit is 250k. According to my phone, the image and text I've been sending were a total of 164k. I'm not entirely sure what's going on. I haven't tried their original Mail-to-Blogger feature, but I guess that's worth a try.

I got some very good software for my Treo 650 this week. I got some mail from Handmark that included info about a instant messaging client called VeriChat. I decided to look for a free trial and I have been immensely pleased. It is infinitely better than using AIM through the Blazer browser. In addition to AIM, it includes MSN, Yahoo and ICQ. I am extremely pleased with this find.

On Tuesday, I went to the Durham FM Association meeting. There wasn't an official speaker this time, because it was time to discuss preparations for the upcoming hamfest, which will be on May 28th at the National Guard Armory, in Durham. It looks as if I will be working at the club table, with SE. Members of the club put items there that that they want to sell and the club takes a percentage.

Yesterday, at work, we had our spring mandatory fun. After a meeting, we had a picnic at the recreation center. The weather was perfect. The food was done by the cafeteria, but the fried chicken was quite good.

This morning I went to the Orange County Radio Amateurs breakfast. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, but we did have a decent crowd.

This weekend is graduation weekend for the universities in the area, which means that you can't drive anywhere without being behind parents who are lost. It's impossible to get dinner reservations and, of course, lots of graduation festivites are going on. This afternoon, I went to the reception on Duke's East Campus lawn. I, of course, go for the food. The fruit was particularly good this year, particularly the pineapple and the strawberries. Otherwise, nothing was terribly exciting.

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