Saturday, June 12, 2004

Smoke Bombs and Good Food

Thursday was definitely the most interesting day toward the end of the week. I drove into the main gate at work, because I was a few minutes later than usual. I think I had gotten gas or something like that and that's the reason. At any rate, as I drove in, there were cops all over the place near the railroad crossing at Miami Blvd and Cornwallis Rd. At that point there were probably 10 or 12 cop cars and 5 or 6 emergency vehicles and more were arriving. I would have like to have lingered longer, but the light was green and I needed to turn. It turned out that smoke bombs had been left at various points along the railroad and signs had been put on bridges, all protesting the G8 summit. There was even an announcement in our building, not long after I finally got in, saying a suspicious harmless package had been left and since there would be a heightened police presence in the area travel was not recommended.

I had plans to go to the Asian market with PS and we didn't want to cancel, so off we went to Cary at lunchtime. Around the World Market was simply awesome. I bought tons of frozen Indian dinners for only $2 a piece. PS recommended various spice mixes and sauces. We also ate lunch there and it was great! I only got parts of the names of the dishes down, so I'll have to keep working on that. It was a little hotter than I'm used to, but very good. I also tried sugar cane juice for the first time and I liked that. I'm really looking forward to cooking with some of the ingredients I bought. When I'm too tired to cook, I have plenty of things to choose from in my freezer!

Yesterday, I had lunch at Fowler's with JJ again. I had samosas and gazpacho. I'm definitely in a delicious ordering rut when I go there. Their gazpacho is almost as good as Pyewacket's was.

Otherwise, I'm still doing a lot of unpacking. I'm going through box after box of my grandmother's stuff, trying decide what I want to keep. I need to train myself to be more selective.

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