Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

It's a new year and that can only mean one thing. At least, it usually means one thing on this blog. It's time for New Year's resolutions! This year I'm not going to bore you with aspirations of exercising and whatever else I normally write about this time of year and then conveniently never mention again. No, this year I came up with the ultimate foodie resolution. This year, I'm going to try to go to more restaurants that I've never been to before. Is that great or what? I'm going to enjoy this year more if I keep my resolution. I don't know why I didn't think about this before, although I suppose the year of trying to buy more earrings was along those lines, but that was really an attempt at reverse psychology.

This is not. In fact, this is a very measurable goal, because I am going to attempt to go to the following restaurants this year, in no particular order:

You may be shocked at some of these. Magnolia Grill? It's the most famous restaurant in town and, as a Durham native who writes a food oriented blog, one would think I would have been there by now. No. Pancuito is a mere five minutes away from my door and yet I've never been there either. In fact, I've been meaning to go to all of these restaurants for years, because they've all been recommended by multiple friends, but for various reasons, I've never been. For example, one guy assured me, rather enthusiastically, that he would go with me to Queen of Shebah and then within one week of our conversation he spontaneously packed up all his possessions and moved to New York. Yes, I am serious.

You, my dear readers, are more than welcome to join me at any of these fine eating establishments! Help me fulfill my resolution and celebrate 2010 one fine meal at a time. If I turn down your offer to join me, rest assured that it can only mean that I don't like you.


  1. As a fellow food blogger, I must admit I've never heard of Pancuito or Cafe Parvenah! I made it to Magnolia grill this year (and yes, I reviewed it), and reviewed Lantern the year before. Their lounge area is especially appealing for me. =) Queen of Sheba, eh, but I'm not a fan of Ethopian food. I've tried it a couple places and find it bland. Haven't made it to Revolution, either! I will look forward to hearing your opinions.

  2. I've been dying to go to Lantern! Since it's so far from us it adds so much to babysitting costs so we haven't made it yet. What we need is a sitter swap so we can go.

    We love Ethiopian food, and settle for the drab place on Western. The boys have fun eating all the injera, but we must go to a more flavorful Ethiopian place like the ones I remember from DC.