Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wherever You Go, There You Are

I've been too busy reading this evening to do much blogging, but I did want to mention that I made an exciting discovery earlier today. My laptop was in the custody of library desktop support, since it has been producing blue screens of death on an ever more frequent basis. I borrowed another laptop on which I didn't want to install any software. I needed to use ssh, but it wasn't installed. I decided to google "ssh from browser" and, by golly, I found several options. I ended up using an ssh applet from the University of Essex and the performance exceeded all my expectations. I just had to keep the original applet window up and could open bunches of terminal windows. Maybe this is old news to many of my readers, but I thought it was pretty cool. It means that you can do just about anything you want from any machine, wherever you go.

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