Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice

I was going to write about a restaurant, but I wanted to take the time to add an important link to the main page, so that will have to wait for another night.

In the meantime, I do have time to tell you about my new discovery. Those of you who drink vodka gimlets with your breakfast may already know about Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice, but JJ and JA introduced me to it a little over a week ago. I'm sure if you use freshly squeezed lime juice and sugar, you can get even better results, but if you add a splash of this to club soda/sparkling water/seltzer, you get a really awesome lime soda. It's quick, easy and so good, if you like limes as much as I do. Unlikely. I used to eat whole limes with sugar sprinkled on top when I was a kid. Despite the fact that it contains corn syrup, it's way healthier than most sodas, because it only has 10 calories per teaspoon and you don't need more than two or three, at most. I even tried adding it to plain filtered water and ice yesterday and that was good, too.

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