Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Ghost of Dancing Daffodils

Those of you who are regular readers may recognize one or more of the photos above. I just wanted to show you all what a particular area on Duke's campus looked almost exactly a year ago and what it looks like today.

This has caused me to rant ad nauseam and now I will rant again here. Daffodils bloom EVERY YEAR. The perennials that used to be planted there continue to be happy and bloom EVERY YEAR. I shudder to think what has happen to all the poor forsaken plants and bulbs that were there. It looks as if they are putting in some sort of irrigation system, but that is no excuse.
It just annoys me to no end to see money wasted and that's exactly what happened if they were thrown out. You can see more photos of what this area looked like with perennials planted here as well as some other plantings on campus here.

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