Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fuzzy Concert Photos!

Friday, after work, we had a happy "hour" at Twinnie's. We had a grand time laughing, talking and playing SV's new ukulele. It's great having a place so close to the library that serves iced
lattes to me and beer to everyone else.

Saturday night, I was within the Cary city limits twice and only had to turn around once. I made the mistake, yet again, of looking up the address on a map before I left, so I was looking for a street that was actually an unlabeled entrance to the shopping center. Fortunately, I was pretty sure that one of the shopping centers was a likely candidate, so I just had to turn around once I was past it.

The destination was Japan Express, where I met CL and JL for dinner. The food is pretty much identical the food at the one on Hillsborough Road, in Durham, which means it was good, fast and cheap. I had the hibachi shrimp.

From there, CL and I took off for the RBC Center to see Billy Joel in concert. Once we got to the the Edwards Mill exit, the one that normally leads to the arena, we saw a sign that said "All Concert Traffic - Take Blue Ridge Exit". Uh oh. Well, we had 50 minutes to get there. It was only the next exit. We were only only driving at .00008 mph. Pretty soon I was saying that I hoped that we got there only an hour after the concert was supposed to start. The whole thing was just a mess. Fortunately, CL is about as calm as I am in such situations, so she was a good person to have along. We also were in a great spot to view the total lunar eclipse, which was a bonus. Needless to say, we were still annoyed. Once we got there, we still had the challenge of finding a parking spot. There are advantages to going there with an avid soccer player who can get out and run like lightning in order to find a space. She was able to talk someone into letting us park in the VIP parking, with all the stretch limos.

Finally, we got inside! We were only a half hour late. Fortunately, it sounded from what Billy said as if he hadn't played too many songs yet, because he knew that the majority of the audience was late and still arriving. It was a great concert. His voice has not obviously deteriorated over the years and his piano playing ability is just incredible. It's like seeing a concert pianist perform. Ok, perhaps most concert pianists don't play their pianos by sitting on them, but they are usually almost as skilled as he is. He's skilled at twirling a microphone stand in the air like a baton, too. Of course, he teased the audience until he played Piano Man at the very end.

I drove CL home to Cary and then made it back to I-40 by making five correct turns. If you don't know me, this will not seem like such a big deal. If you do know me and know that I'm scatterbrained all the time anyway, but even much more so if I'm driving, you should probably make sure that you aren't letting in any flies. I just have the uncanny ability to have a pretty good idea of where I am at all times, but still not know in which direction I should be going.

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