Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Cell phone Confusion

The main event of today was going to the AT&T wireless store to return Siemens car charger that arrived with my parents' Sony Ericsson phones. Lots of irate people were in line to be helped, so my dad and I waited for a while. I perused the model selection and quickly determined that they did not have a Handspring Treo 600. Well, quickly is probably an exaggeration, because there were lots of people standing in the way. As we had assumed, but wanted to confirm, Cingular does have a roaming agreement with AT&T, so there shouldn't be any roaming charges within the Carolinas. I like the advantage of being able to make calls practically anywhere with Sprint, but AT&T has cooler phones. We hope that the plan also includes nationwide long distance. According to the AT&T wireless website, it should be included, but the slick brochures that we picked up at the store said that it was not included. Hopefully the website was just updated more recently. It would be so nice if this were stated in the account information, rather than our having to guess.

I'm still feeling like I should consider looking into getting a new cell phone eventually. I must resist!

Lots of progress has been made on the house in the last couple of days. It's really looking good. It turns out that I'm going to have "regular"/"French" doors in the great room, as opposed to sliding ones. The low profile sliding doors weren't available. I think they will be easier to use, so this may not be a bad thing.

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