Saturday, July 31, 2010

Farewell Taverna Nikos

Tonight, executive chef and co-owner, Giorgios Kastansias, managed Taverna Nikos, in Durham's Brightleaf Square, for the last time. After difficulties with leasing negotiations and the extended economic malaise, George decided to sell the restaurant in order to start a restaurant in Lincolnton, NC. George appreciates all the support he has received from the Durham community and expressed mixed feelings about leaving Nikos. Nikos Taverna, in Morrisville, continues to be owned by Bill Bakis.

It is my understanding that the restaurant will continue to remain open under the new ownership, with the current staff, who have been encouraged to stay. After some amount of time, it is expected that the restaurant will close for renovations and will reopen with a new theme and possibly an entirely new cuisine.

Having enjoyed Greek food at Taverna Nikos since 1992, I will certainly miss the restaurant. I have so many fond memories, of food, the staff, and conversations with family and friends. So many birthdays, farewell dinners and routine family dinners took place there and I will also miss our long conversations with George. My MFRs and I wish George and his family all the best!

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