Sunday, March 21, 2010

Celebrating Greek Orthodox Easter at Taverna Nikos

Last year I celebrated Greek Orthodox Easter at Taverna Nikos, even though I'm not Greek and I'm not in the least bit religious. Well, I did once believe in the Easter Bunny. Does that count? The event involved food and dyed Easter eggs, so of course I had to be there. Each person dining at the restaurant that day got a bright red hard-boiled Easter egg for egg jousting. You hit your egg against the eggs of your dining companions and the one that doesn't get cracked is the winner and its owner can expect good luck for the rest of the year.

Last year I remember I was recovering from a cold, so I really appreciated the lamb soup. I will be looking forward to it again, too.

My 2nd Most Faithful Reader had sliced lamb. I'm sure my Most Faithful Reader had calamari or crab cakes, as she always does.

I am a huge fan of chocolate eclairs and I remember that this one was very good. Last night Chef George Kastanias said he was planning to make them again. He's really looking forward to the soup, though.

If you're interested in competing for eggcellent luck on April 4th and want to have some of the lamb dishes that George makes just for Easter, then be sure to make your reservations by April 2nd. See the Taverna Nikos website for more information.

Disclosure: Now that bloggers are required by law to mention free goods and services they have received relating to their blog posts, I need to get with it. I have, on occasion, received free food at Taverna Nikos since I started dining there in 1992. Bill Bakis, co-owner of both Nikos locations, hired a waiter that presciently anticipated the astounding growth in popularity of the Internets and that I would start writing a blog that mostly focuses on food by randomly giving my MFRs and me free food. (DW, if you're reading this, hey there!) We also went to his bridal shower where we received copious amounts of Village Salad (now known as Nikos Salad) for free. Chef George's mom flew here from Greece just to bake me a cake and give me a hug. Finally, I should also disclose that Chef George regularly asks my MFR to bake pound cakes for him so he will have something to eat for breakfast. She bakes them, too. For free. Well, I don't know if I'm required by law to tell you that, but isn't that odd?


  1. Robin LaPasha11:43 PM

    Taverna Nikos *used* to have great fried kasseri (haven't been there for quite a while), and their location's great...

    But, um, I think on the Easter feast, Xios Cafe in Apex has them beat nowadays:

    relating to:

    They bake their red eggs right into sweet bread. More trad.

    BTW, we work for our food there--we play traditional Greek music at the Xios Easter Sunday event. :)

    (But, what, blogging laws?!)

  2. Disclosure: I got a huge laugh out of yours.

  3. the fourth photo looks really not really sure about the 2nd photo..peace :)