Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meeting @Coopermays

This past weekend, I went to Papa Mojo's Roadhouse, not just to eat wonderful beignets and fresh fruit, but to meet someone from Twitter. As some of you know, when I make the effort to meet new people on Twitter, even if it's just on-line, I tend to focus on people who live in the general vicinity of the Triangle. That's mostly because I think there is a better chance of actually meeting them in person and I just can't follow everyone.

Back in June, it was, therefore, pretty wild that I started conversing via Twitter and then via e-mail, with a woman who was living in Costa Rica, @coopermays. The conversation got started by my complimenting some photos of sunsets and then I quickly learned that she was a potter, originally from the Pittsboro area, here in North Carolina. For some reason, I still never expected to meet her in person.

Fortunately, I am often wrong. I had the pleasure of meeting her at a "meet and greet" party last Sunday at Papa Mojo's. Due to a miscommunication, Martha was unfortunately a couple of hours late and missed several of her greeters. but I stayed and it was a treat to talk to her in person and see several pieces of her pottery. I wish I'd taken photos that day, but you can see the beautiful plate that I had to take home with me.

I know several of you also follow Martha on Twitter or if you missed her at Papa Mojo's, you can still meet her this weekend, September 11-13, Friday and Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday from 12pm-5pm at Lyn Morrow Pottery, in Pittsboro.

You also can check out Cooper Mays Pottery and check out Martha's blog. Brian Shrader, at WRAL, interviewed Martha on Tuesday.


  1. How do the PMJ beignets compare to those at Rue Cler?

  2. I bought my favorite mug at Cooper Mays about 20 years ago -- still in perfect condition (many other non-CM mugs have chipped!!), still a beautiful mug....very similar to the pattern pictured, but with a greyish background...

  3. @Phil I don't think I like PM's *quite* as much, but I would definitely love to do a side-by-side taste test. PM's are somewhat rectangular so they are just a teeny bit crunchier than RC's, so some people might like that better. I like them both a lot. I've be very happy to eat them every day. :)

    @ BetsyNC That's awesome that you've had one of her mugs so long. Her work is really beautiful and well made.

  4. When my wife and I got married, we didn't register at a department store. Instead we registered at Cooper Mays and got the whole nine.... serving place settings, bowls, goblets, vases, pitchers, etc. It makes every meal fun!