Monday, June 08, 2009

Blu Blogging : Catfish Dinner

I don't really like catfish. I'm a trout person. That's the very reason I went to the Catfish Dinner at Blu Seafood and Bar last week. I knew that if anyone knew how to cook catfish in such a way that I'd like it, it would be Chef Tim Lyons. Fortunately, I was right. It was tasty and not greasy, which is my normal catfish complaint.

I don't like grits, but if they are cheesy and creamy enough, I think they can be pretty good. These weren't as fantastic as what is served with their shrimp and grits, but that's really tough to beat.

I don't like cheesecake, but the no-bake chocolate bourbon cheesecake was fantastic. It was like eating a large piece of candy. Actually, this was the best part of the meal and I'm hoping it will be on their next dessert menu, so I can have more.

Once again, you can see that I am rarely hampered by prejudice, especially when it comes to food.


  1. "Unhampered by prejudice" -- reminds me of "Untouched by scandal" tagline of the Indian? restaurant that used to be in the James Joyce building.

  2. Suman's. That was the name. Still can't remember the cuisine, though.