Thursday, May 07, 2009

Tyler's Taproom Blogging : Now With Cod

Shortly before the Triangle Tweetup last Thursday night, I had a spontaneous dinner at Tyler's Taproom with @boraZ. Eating was rushed, because I was tweeting, talking and we were both looking for other people we knew or who just looked as if they might be going to the Tweetup. Bora ordered the blackened salmon salad.

As you can see, he was very eager to eat it. He finished it too! It must have been good.

I had the fish and chips. They've replaced the catfish with cod, which they announced in a separate page inserted in the menu. They said this was due to popular demand and I'm not terribly fond of catfish, so I naturally think this was a good move. I actually thought their fish and chips was quite good before, in spite of the type of fish, but this was even better. It was nice and crispy and they give you three big pieces accompanied by their garlic fries, which are great. Two of the pieces made a nice lunch on Saturday and no reheating was required.

I also do love drinking at Tyler's. Their lemonade is still fantastic. It's so sour. It's perfect. It's really what keeps me going back again and again. I admit that I am powerless over good lemonade. That's the first step.


  1. It was so much fun having dinner with you, Lenore. That salmon salad was delicious, as you noticed that I cleaned the plate!

  2. Have you tried the salted lemonade at Saigon? I'd love to hear your reaction.

    BTW, your jewelry on the right there is very nice. They also seem underpriced. And I'm distressed by my singular/plural inconsistency in the previous two sentences. I seem to recall that "jewelry" is both singular and plural. Yet it feels wrong to use both in the same paragraph.

  3. @Marsosudiro No, I haven't been back there yet, but I'm planning to go soon. I'll be sure to try it. :) Also, I'd be interested in more specifics regarding your pricing feedback sometime. I think the grammar for jewelry is similar to rice, if that helps. :) Everything can be compared to food.