Monday, June 11, 2007

Adsense Riches and picasa2flickr

If any of you have wondered, yes, I am getting rich off my Google Adsense ads. Since I put the first ones up last October I've earned $1028.

I've been uploading lots of photos to flickr. I've been thrilled with the new picasa2flickr plugin for flickr. The only problem I've seen so far is that it doesn't seem to transfer when the photo was actually taken. That's a major flaw, but it's still much more convenient than any other flickr uploader I've seen, so I think I'll live with it and correct the dates later. Maybe I'm naive to think that I'll actually will have time to do that, but we'll see. It's a little more likely since I want photos in sets to appear in the correct order.

What? You think I forgot a decimal point up there?

In the middle, perhaps? I won't be actually getting a check from Google for quite a while. That's ok. I'm entertained by seeing what ads come up based on my writing and that's the real reason I put them up.

Update: The missing time and date info may just be because the pictures I've been uploading have been from an old camera. The info I have in picasa itself is likely just the timestamp of the file and that alone may not be enough flickr.

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