Sunday, May 27, 2007

3 Column Layout

I finally added a third column to the blog's layout template. It seems to look okay in both Firefox and IE, but it must not be quite right, because the Blogger tool for adding Page Elements doesn't seem to like it at all. You can still add elements and, but elements in the new right column produce these weird gray bars across the window, making it hard to see the elements in the left column. As long as it continues to work ok, I won't worry about it too much. It's fun working on this stuff, because I still haven't taken the time to figure out what I'm doing. I used a little bit of code from a Blogcrowds template, but quickly realized that it had all kinds of things that I didn't want. Fortunately, what little I selected and tinkered with seemed to mostly do the trick.


  1. Two columns = too few.
    Four columns = too many.
    Three columns = just right.

    Proofreading Police:
    Lenore"s shared items

    You and your anti-sodium benzoate campaign...what has sodium benzoate ever done to you? Actually, that British study might have done the trick for me...I wouldn't want to be one who ignores science, although benzene causing cancer, that's just a "theory", right? It's not a fact like, say, the resurrection...

  2. Thanks for the feedback and pointing out the typo.

    Let's *hope* sodium benzoate hasn't done anything to us yet. While I miss IBC and Blenheim ginger ale, it's such a good excuse to drink Izze.

    You're right though. I saw benzene referred to as the "mother of all carcinogens", but I also saw that tyrannosaurus rex and humans were best buddies. That seems more likely, right?