Friday, April 13, 2007

No Child Left Behind

Today was fun and hectic. Not long after I got to work, I had to go to an interview. Then I drove a bunch of co-workers to the American Tobacco Campus for a software presentation and a brown bag meeting. The excitement began when we left and SM was missing! We waited quite a while and I called various labs trying to get cell phone numbers. We finally gave up and decided that he must have gotten a ride with someone else. When we got back to the office, he still wasn't there. I was really beginning to worry, but it turned out that he and LA had gone to Cafe Zen for lunch. Next time I drive a van full of children somewhere, I'm going to make them all hold hands for the whole trip, so no one gets left behind.

Oh, and Mike Nifong walked by me while I was making those frantic phone calls from the parking garage.

Guitar practice was fun. Playing in the spring is so pleasant, because we get to sit out on the front porch. A lot of people walk along West Club Blvd, so sometimes that attracts attention, but not tonight. It was chilly and I was very hungry, so I was eager to go to dinner. We went to Red Robin, which I'd never been to before. It was very crowded, the service was pretty bad and it was very hard to hear. The food, however, was pretty good. I had fish and chips, which isn't the sort of thing one usually orders at a burger joint, but they did a nice job. Unfortunately, they must have forgotten my order and didn't give it to me until everyone else had almost finished, but JA spoke up and they took the entire price off my bill. I'm afraid I was too hungry to photograph the plate when it finally arrived.

My shipment of guitar picks arrived today and I'm very pleased. All of them have non-slip grips, so I shouldn't have any more problems with their rotating in my fingers in the middle of a song. I also now finally a thumb pick that won't twist off my thumb while I'm playing. It's a "bumblebee" pick, so it's even yellow.

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