Sunday, February 18, 2007

Brown Cow, Rainbow and Goat

First of all, I'd like to write about yogurt. I've recently eaten a couple of cups of Brown Cow yogurt, which were quite good. Today I had apricot mango and it almost tastes like flavored homemade whipped cream. The coffee flavor was good, too. I've just been amazed at how different it is from Stoneyfield yogurt, which is what I usually eat. I once took a long break from Stoneyfield, because once when I was in college, there was a berry barb in one cup of Wild Berry that lodged itself in the inside of my lower lip. That was a fairly traumatic experience. It tastes good and is very healthy, though, so several years later I gave them another try and I've been enjoying it ever since. Variety is nice, though, so I'm glad that I tried Brown Cow.

Yesterday afternoon, there was a hawk that I could see outside my bedroom window. Just as I got out my camera, a second hawk landed in the tree!

Friday night, I went to guitar practice after work. We decided to get Chinese take-out from Rainbow Restaurant. The food was really quite good and better than takeout that we'd gotten from Shanghai in the past. The pork spareribs were great, although apparently difficult to extract from a beagle's clenched jaws. The steamed dumplings were very good, as were the cold sesame noodles. The sauce for the lemon chicken was nice and tart, too. We were all pleased.

Saturday afternoon, I spent the day making a necklace and earrings for AC and baking coconut macaroons. Then I went to HC and AM's birthday and Mardi Gras party. That was a blast. Their house was completely packed with musicians, dancers and people gobbling down food. HC roasted a goat, which was loaded with spices and garlic. I'd never knowingly eaten goat before, but it was excellent. With awesome live music on both floors of the house and more food than could even fit in their dining room, it was really cool.

After doing some Blackboard testing this morning at 3am, I slept quite late. Then I actually washed some dishes. Miracles occur even here at the Heathen Hovel. My parents and I headed over to ACME for another fine dinner. Weekly e-mail from the owner, Kevin, detailing the weekend's menu do wonders for their business. Tonight I had a shrimp and lobster pasta, with goat cheese, tomatoes, artichokes, spinach and bacon. The portions were huge, so we skipped dessert and I took home leftovers.

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