Monday, September 04, 2006

More Thai Cafe Baskets, Please!

On June 26th, after a delightful meal of Kurama take-out sushi, my parents and I watched our first Netflix movie, March of the Penguins. It was good and I learned a great deal about penguins. I know my dear readers are shocked. Afterwards, I booked the last hotel for our trip to Arkansas.

The next (very rainy) day I had lunch at the Refectory with NP and KS joined us. I had a wonderful serving of vegetarian quiche. I really like quiche. NP and I had a fun time trying to get back to Perkins without drowning. That was probably one of the best times I've had while getting soaked in the rain that I can remember. I was also able to water my plants with the contents of my sandals when I got back to my office.

After work, my dad and I met RG and JG at the Bennett Pointe Grille. I had my usual fried oyster salad, but I didn't come close to finishing it, because I'd eaten half of a Guglhupf cherry cheese danish around 3pm. We went to the Durham FM Association board meeting afterwards.

That Wednesday, I was over at the American Tobacco Campus for our regular Blackboard Tech Team meeting, which only lasted 20 minutes. I had lunch with AE at Tyler's. I had a blackened crabcake sandwich, which was ok. AE had a salad that looked very good and I'll have to remember to try one the next time I go there. That night, I went over to my parents' house where my mom served chicken and mozzarella ravioli with caramelized onions and warm tomatoes. That was quite good and it was nice to see FIFO.

On Thursday, I met my dad for lunch at the LSRC cafeteria. I had spanakopita, which is what I used to eat more than anything else when I ate there as a student. RP ate with us and PA joined us later on. After work, I met PS, GA, EB, CL and JL at Champa. I had my usual Pad Thai with shrimp. I still prefer their version to any other Thai restaurant that I've been to. CL and JL told us all about their recent trip to Greece and Italy while RS told us about her trip to Romania.

That Friday, LA and I went to the Refectory for lunch and I had a puffed pastry with chicken and a cheese at least similar to feta. It was good, but I've liked most of their other dishes better.
After work, I met AE at Nosh, for dinner. I had a delicious cup of gazpacho and we shared a brownie for dessert.

On Saturday (July 1st, if you're keeping track), I went over to my parents' house and I visited with FIFO and blogged while my mom made three skirts for me. We then went to Thai Cafe for dinner. Almost every time I go there for dinner, I see people I know. That night I saw KP and met her husband, I saw SG and met his wife and I saw NS and her husband in the parking lot, from a distance. You would think there were a lot fewer restaurants in Durham at that rate. For dinner we shared an order of potstickers in a wonderful curry sauce, Thai Cafe baskets, and fresh basil rolls. In the photo, you can see the baskets and the potstickers behind them. Thai Cafe baskets are fantastic puffed pastry cups filled with shrimp, chicken and corn. They are served with a sweet and tangy sauce. My mom ordered pad thai with shrimp and my dad and I shared an order of shrimp massaman. Below a picture of the shrimp from a previous meal, which I'd forgotten to post. For dessert we shared a slice of coconut cake and an order of creme brulee. I liked the creme brulee the best of the two, but I'd really rather skip dessert and eat more Thai Cafe baskets.

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