Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Beautiful March

A few weeks ago, at work, we had our annual/semi-annual retreat at the Dave Thomas Center. It was a lot of fun and I believe it was productive, too. The food at the Thomas Center was delicious. They had three kinds of quiche and fried cauliflower. Several people said beforehand that they had Ben & Jerry's bars, but they didn't this year, because it was a different type of room. This is actually a good thing, because they wouldn't have fit.

That week was spring break at Duke, so there were many fewer students around and fewer lunch options. Fortunately, Twinnie's was open and this provided many excellent views of the gorgeous daffodils that have been planted in the perennial garden at CIEMAS. The weather was lovely and very windy, too. You can see Bostock, the new part of Perkins Library, where I work, in that picture.

It was March, so that meant that it was time to set up a yahoo group and fill out my NCAA tournament bracket. I got 5 other people to participate in a group at work, so that's been fun. Unfortunately, the first game was very late, so I only ended up watching the first half.

Friday, I met AE, KD and JH at Chai's and then we went to Shade Tree Coffee. We played hearts for most of the evening. AE hadn't ever played before and JH did an excellent job of explaining it. Hearts is one of my favorite card games. Note that I am not saying that I am extraordinarily good at it, but I really enjoy it. JH introduced a new twist by getting us to play in teams. That adds an entirely new element and it' s fun.

Saturday, AE, JH and my dad came over to watch the 2nd round Duke basketball tournament game. I made macaroons and we played hearts again. I was going to go to JJ's and practice guitar, but the battery in my van was dead.

Sunday, we went to ACME, where I had lobster linguini and a strawberry shortcake. They donated a really generous gift certificate for the CIT Showcase, too.

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