Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Vosges Haut-Chocolat: Mo's Bacon Bars!

Some of you may remember that I wrote, earlier in the summer, that Vosges Haut-Chocolat was offering a new line of bacon chocolate bars and that an employee of the company, PW, had read my blog post and was going to send me a sample.

Fortunately, she waited until this week to send me some, because it would have melted in the in the horribly hot weather that we had all summer. I was expecting a small sample. I would have been thrilled with half a bar, just to get a taste of what Mo's Bacon Bar was like. What I received was a treasure trove of exotic chocolates. She sent me four Mo's Bacon Bars, a box of exotic caramels and half a pound of Sweet Bapchi's Caramel Toffee! Wow!

The Mo's Bacon Bars are really quite good. They are a "deep milk chocolate" and are 41% cacao. The bacon flavor and lightly crunchy texture is not subtle, but it's not so strong to the point of being overwhelming. I really like it. I'm afraid I've already had several pieces. This is definitely the chocolate for those of you who like the combination of sweet and savory.

I took a nibble of the caramel toffee and that was excellent. I have to watch my teeth on those, though, because they are pretty hard. They are good sized pieces of sweet butter toffee, with pecans, walnuts, milk chocolate and pink Himalayan sea salt.

The box of exotic caramels contains each of the following:

  • Argentine dulce de leche with cashews and milk chocolate caramel
  • Canadian maple sugar, walnuts and dark chocolate caramel
  • Blood orange, Campari, dark chocolate and hibiscus powder caramel
  • Tupelo honey, milk chocolate and bee pollen caramel
So far, I tried a bite of the blood orange caramel. The citrus flavor is very mild, but caramel is wonderful. The hibiscus powder on top adds just a hint of tartness, which is a nice touch.

I definitely appreciate PW's sending this to me. Vosges's Red Fire bar may still be my favorite, but these new flavors are awesome. Yes, as I know some of you are wondering, I will be taking some to the office...

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  1. One more bacon desert to add to the list! Yay!