Sunday, June 20, 2010


Last week, I went to Queen of Sheba with GEE, SOGEE and BOSOGEE. They wanted to go to Sugarland, a bakery on Franklin Street, in Chapel Hill. I was skeptical about the parking, but happy to check it out. Well, in some ways the parking was worse than I thought, because, in that section, they've put elevated planters next to the parking spaces, including the handicapped ones, so I wouldn't have been able to use my van's lift. On the plus side, Morehead Planitarium has a wonderful paid parking lot just a couple of blocks away. In fact, that's even better because you expend exactly the same number of calories going up the hill back to Sugarland as you consume when you're there. Exactly the same.

I thought the view of the entrance above was inviting enough, but they also have a marvelous mosaic on the floor of the entryway.

They have gelato! The instant I saw their display, I became a fan.

I got a small with passionfruit and pina colada. If you get a large, you can get up to four flavors. I used remarkable restraint. The passionfruit was delightfully good. I wished I'd gotten a large of just that. I love passionfruit anything. Someday I'm going to have to try the actual fruit.

You can take the gelato with you! Unfortunately, that wasn't mine.

They also have baked goods I'm just not a cupcake or a cake person, but I would have gladly eaten all the toppngs off of these. GEE got a chocolate and marscarpone cheesecake, SOGEE got a cupcake (pictured in the distance in an earlier photo), BOSOGEE got a giant creme brulee and all were happy.

These looked particularly good, too. They also have frozen martinis and an assortment of other beverages. They have wedding cake tastings each month, which seems reason enough to me to go ahead and get married if you're even thinking about it.

As you can guess, I want to go back. Actually, regular deliveries of their passionfruit gelato would be fine as well.