Monday, September 13, 2010

Hackerspace Update

Several weeks ago, I wrote about attending the first Triangle Hackerpsace meeting. Well, we've been meeting weekly ever since and we've made a lot of progress. Given that this area is so spread out and suitable real estate in RTP is prohibitively expensive, it was concluded that it probably makes sense to have hackerspaces in individual cities, particularly both Durham and Raleigh. A wonderful 1380 sqft space was available in the basement of Snow Building, in downtown Durham, so we decided to go for it!

In fact, we moved in a whole bunch of stuff on Saturday and we're having our first meeting in the new space this Tuesday night. It's an open meeting, so come check it out! Be sure to follow @durhammakespace on Twitter to get the latest information, subscribe to the Durham Makerspace Google group and you can find all kinds of good info, see photos and videos on the Triangle Hackerspace website.

I'm particularly excited about the new location, because it's practically within spitting distance of my office. This evening, I took this photo from Pettigrew Street, after going up a nice hill to get there. This way, I can get exercise and look fondly upon the hackerspace building in one fell swoop. For the foodie in me, it's directly below Beyu Caffee and very close to Toast. It's perfect!